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We have had several photo sessions with Greg, and right from the start he put us at ease and has taken amazing pictures of our dogs including our litter of 6 week old cocker pups. He has a very gentle manner and the dogs are totally at ease with him and behave quite naturally around him. He has a brilliant ability to catch those special and unique moments and capture them forever. Greg recently donated his time to our Paws For A Cause event in aid of Medical Detection Dogs and worked non stop all day doing what he does best, 'capturing the spirit of the day'. We are proud to call him our good friend, he is a truly gifted photographer and his photographs speak for themselves.

Rachel & Philip Birt

Raezhaven - Dorset Gundogs



Greg was introduced to me by a mutual friend and first came to take photos of my Gundogs on the shooting field. He immediately put me at ease and quietly got on with the photography with inspiration. Over the past few years he has taken many stunning and unique photos of my dogs and other animals. It is a privilege to know Greg and to be able to call him a good friend. I would recommend him to anyone who would like photos taken of their animals. He is quiet and efficient and the animals respond well to him in all sorts of environments.

Nicola Grellis, Smale Gundogs


Had a great afternoon with Greg taking photographs of our bed and breakfast, classic cars and dogs. Greg put us at ease straight away. It's so refreshing to have someone come and do some work for you that gets the job done with no fuss, efficiently and creatively. We were able to see the results immediately on Greg's Laptop and then within a week received a disc with the results of Greg's editing skills. I would highly recommend Greg's work to anyone.

Tanya E. Worsfold Caledonian Classic Car Hire and Kennels Cottage Bed and Breakfast


Greg has the unique ability to take high quality pictures with the minimum interference to our training days, in fact his ability to read gundogs and how they react to different scenarios enables him to get in the correct position to capture the best from my gundogs and those of my clients, to his credit we only really notice he has been on our training days when we look at his fabulous pictures at the end of the day, his pictures speak for themselves.

Andrew Cullen MBE, Laochin Gundogs


Pictures of this quality and vision not only demonstrate Greg's photographic skills but also his intimate understanding of what field sports and its supporters really want to see. Its added a new dimension to our shoot days.

Alan Bartovsky, Shoot Captain Bledlow Shoot Bucks.


Greg has the ability to capture the true essence of the Working Dog and the consistent high standard of his photography make him a true asset to our publication.

Rebecca Hawtrey, Art Editor/Deputy Editor, The Field



Greg’s photographs epitomise the British countryside and country sports, showing both activities and participants off to perfection. The Union of Country Sports Workers is privileged to be able to use his photographs to illustrate so much of our members’ way of life.

Union of Country Sports Workers


The Countrymans Weekly relies on the Clarity and Accuracy of Greg's work to   give our readers a clearer picture of our Countrysides Flora and Fauna.   

   Dave Venner, Editor Countrymans Weekly.